summer solstice

Watching the Seasons

A beautiful day! So much sun. Six months ago, I dreamed of this day. Today… well my muscles ache from mowing and weeding and planting and walking. It can’t get any better than this.

My garden has begun to take off. Everyday morning I check and the plants are noticeably bigger, the weeds are thicker, and there is some new bug or critter. I have a big toad that lives in the third path to the left in my community plot. He was out today as I came to check. He hops back and shuffles under the hay to hide from me and Skippy but I can see his eyes watching me. (Skippy never notices him.) He’s very fat – must be finding plenty of bugs! I am lucky to have him helping in my garden. (Even better than a garden gnome – not to criticize their well meaning contribution…)

Before gardening today, Skippy and I ran through the fields and back to the water hole where Skippy had a good swim. Then Skippy dug out a nice hollow under his table and rested out of the strong sun.

Today’s garden tasks:
Thinned my popcorn
Planted beet and cilantro seeds
Fertilized popcorn, peppers and asparagus
Bagged the pears (BTW, the variety of my 2nd tree is “dwarf Kieffer pear”)
Noticed that the potato beetles are out of control – larvae all over the leaves

At home I:
Ordered parasitic wasps for corn (enough to cover the 1.5 acre community garden) (IPM Laboratories)
Looked into parasitic wasps for beans (Arbico)
Read a little about how hard it is to control Colorado potato beetles (any suggestions!!!?)

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  • My garden is on the runway too and is definately taking off.


  • Oh, chagrin, I am working inside today. And missing my once annual trip to New Hampshire’s America’s Stonehenge to celebrate and welcome the summer solstice. I knew I could count on you to bring me a little summer sunshine in your blog. Thank you!

  • Happy Solstice,

    The longest day od the year. And yes, my garden, too, is starting to take off. A few days ago I propped up one of my irises that had not yet quit blooming, and you could see it quite well from my front window. Now, after going away for the weekend, it is almost obscured by my giant crocisima, Lucifer. And today was only the second day since last fall that the temp was over 80.

    Oh, happy summer. Hoping for more to come.


  • Colorado potato beetle… when I was a kid and helped my mom in the garden we always just did the good old hands on manual removal method. If you can get to the eggs and squish them before they hatch you'll make the job easier depending on what stage of development they are in. Though if you have a LOT of plants to be protecting this could be tedious, which is why my mom probably enlisted help when she did 🙂

  • King Harry potatoes are known to be resistant to the beattles, leafhopprs and flea beatles. They work!!! And also keep them away from other varieties.


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