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I have a BEAUTIFUL patch of thyme – finally. For years I’ve tried one variety after another. I think this is one my mom gave me, though not really sure. It has survived a couple of winters now and is expanding. My gnome tends it. I can now harvest thyme with abandon. Ahh! I don’t know anything that doesn’t taste better with a bit of fresh thyme.

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  • I've just started a raised herb bed and I hope I have a thyme patch like yours in a few years. I had thyme overwinter in a few containers, but I want a huge patch!

  • Wow, that thyme looks great- congrats! One of my favorite uses for it is to steam/saute a bunch of green beans with tons of garlic and piles of fresh thyme. It looks like you'll have plenty for this and any other recipe you can think of!

  • lovely! my thyme are still seedlings in the window.

  • Wow, that is a great-looking patch! It must smell heavenly. I've been growing thyme in a small container, and I agree that it's very versatile in cooking.

  • Love thyme, and growing some from seed for the first time for years. We happened upon the UK national thyme collection one holiday at Hexam. It was the first time I had seen beeds raised to about 3 foot high. It probably planted the seed of the idea I had about my own raised beds. But to return to Hexam. There had just been a shower of rain but the sun was out and the bees were buzzing the many varieties each glistening with beads of water. Inspirational.

  • I love thyme but am having a heck of a time growing it in a container. Maybe I need to try something with better drainage. Yours looks beautiful!


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