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robin 162

My backyard has squeaking and peeping sounds all the time now! There are chicks in the sparrow and wren houses. And a hungry fledgeling robin is often in the yard.

I’m working now on my back patio and a fledgeling robin just landed in the chair next to me. Very sweet.

The wrens are bringing food to their house, so maybe they have chicks that have just hatched.

And I got out a ladder this afternoon and took a peek into the cardinal nest. She has one speckled egg in there. I figure this is about day 11 of incubation, so the egg should hatch very soon. That will be exciting since that nest is so close to the patio.

rabbit 114

I also came across a couple baby bunnies today. They were in my garden nibbling on the violets and dill. After I took a few photos of them, I mentioned it to Skippy and he ran out to check on them. That got rid of them…. but not before they ate all of my kale!

rabbit-eaten kale 150

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  • I think the robin photo is my favorite. It's so pretty and really, a very nice photo. Have fun in the garden!

  • I've just had to keep my cats indoors for 3 days as there's a blackbird fledging very slowly in my garden. Cats are going wild!

    Yesterday, found Dylan (my big fat cat!) sat on a pigeon's nest (after scaring away the pigeon!) AND there was an egg underneath him!

    Wish I'd got a photo of it – priceless!


  • So sorry about the kale; would you consider a soup with ingredients that include both kale and rabbit? I know they will both freeze nicely 'till winter.

  • I have baby grackles. My deck at the feeders sounds like a collection of rusty hinges.

  • Isn't the neatest thing how new things come out in spring.


  • Those bunnies are lucky they are so cute.

  • Marian(LondonUK)
    June 11, 2011 8:17 AM

    Hi there, I look forward to the Gnome's appearance as Gardener-in-chief! We have a baby robin feeding outside our workshop, so cute. Missed being able to keep up with your journal our computer had decided it needed to retire!


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