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It was a beautiful spring day yesterday. Perfect for planting peas. I cleared off a couple of my garden beds, added a few bags of compost and manure, and then put int 3 wide rows of peas.

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  • i planted peas for the very first time about a month ago and they don't seem to be growing. Well actually, two of the plants are growing and the others aren't. Not sure what is going on. Will peas do ok in 80's weather or will they die? Thank you for your help. 🙂

  • I have also had poor germination of peas this year – about 10% only – so I have re-sown. Not sure what the problem was. I sowed four different varieties and they all did badly. One variety (Ambassador) had 0% germination rate!

  • At mediaOrganic in New England we planted peas on March 12 and didn't get germination until first week of April ( It appears that the seeds I purchased from Johnny's this year are germinating fine. The seeds that are now three years old have not germinated at all. Did you dig up some of your peas to see what is going on? Sometimes the birds or squirrels will dig them up. You could also try soaking them in wet paper towels for a day or two before planting to help them get started.

  • My peas took forever to germinate this year as well. 3 days after I planted though, we got 4 inches of snow, and I thought that killed them all off. I waited and then checked about 2 weeks later to see if anything was happening. The first one I dug up was on its way towards the sun, so I covered it and let nature do the rest. Now I have about 50% or so coming up. Very very glad I didnt dig them all out and replant. Hope your peas are doing better!

  • what will go into that bed next? I am trying to build more raised beds I am also going to try to garden in "rotation" I guess you would say. So that my beds preform all year long. Thanks so much, I just found your blog, and am having fun exploring.!


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