Wow – its been a really busy week. My job has been taking up all of my time. Finally today, I have time to work in my garden and to catch up recording what’s going on here.

The big thing that has happened is that THE SNOW IS GONE!!! It seems like spring has come all of a sudden. Last week was warm, but very dark, dreary, and lots of rain. This weekend it cleared, the sun came out bright and all of a sudden the spring bulbs are inching up and blooming, and the birds are very active. Our hawk pair that we watch has been laying eggs in their nest. My sparrows are cleaning out their bird house and the robins and cardinals are singing loudly at dawn.

Yesterday, I bought few bags of compost and manure to amend the soil in my cold frame. I tried to do this last weekend, but was told the bags were still frozen and snow covered and couldn’t be purchased. Now that I have them, my plan for today is to remove all plants from the cold frame, spread the compost, turn it in and then replant the plants.

My cold frame has had a makeover in the past week. The plastic of the front and back panels ripped to shreds in heavy winds. We replaced it with new plastic. Also, replaced the foam strips that seal the space between the door panels and sides. More work needs to be done to replace tape on top door panels, but this can wait. It’s nice and snug now. Temp inside was up to 75*F yesterday!!

I moved my first tray of seedlings out to the cold frame last week. I lost about 1/4 of the little plants, because of the cold and open panels, but much of the seedlings look great now. Especially the lettuce, which is so big it will be good to transplant it out of the little pots later today.

I planted another tray of seeds last week and they are nicely sprouted now. Mostly broccoli, greens and more onions. These can go out to the cold frame today. And I will start up a new tray of seeds. I think its almost time to start my peppers. I will have to check on this.

Its almost time to plant the peas and fava beans too! Last year I planted these on St Patrick’s Day (March 17). I didn’t think there was anyway the snow would melt by then this year. But it looks like I will be able to plant this week! (I forgot the order fava been seeds – I will do this tonight.)

Tonight I am planning to place a couple seed orders. I have a bunch of items circled in my Asian catalog: Kitazawa, and also in my Botanical Interests catalog. I will add fava beans to these.

I have a bunch of photos I have taken during the past week that I will add here later today. Right now, its time to go out and work in the dirt…. 🙂

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