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The scouts are installing our new bulletin board now!! I am looking forward to posting notices on it soon. All sorts of action is starting up at the community gardens. There were 4 or 5 gardeners out this morning, clearing up from winter and some turning soil already.

There are piles of debris showing up at the periphery of the gardens – I will have to post signs to show where these piles should be located. I’ll also post a map of the plots so people know their plot numbers. Of course garden rules should be posted.

The front of the board will be locked and covered with plexiglass for “official” notices, the back will be open cork board for interactive use. I hope there will be communications about seed swaps and gardening tips etc. What fun!

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  • I'm always jealous of areas that offer community gardens. It's such a wonderful idea. I hope everyone takes full advantage this year!

  • we are doing community gardening and have boundaries via wood and number plaques (wood is rotting, plagues are wacky looking) but saw a cool idea for patch marking using just a painted rock. That might be another project for the scouts.


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