our first snowfall – ducks, dove and dog at the pond

Skippy, Suzie & Charley

Skippy and I took a walk around the big pond today with lightly falling snow. Its our first snow in the Boston area. I brought my camera and took photos of the birds and ducks (and Skippy).

I’ve done my best to name the ducks. Please let me know if any are misidentified.

ducks 054 (2)
Mallard male

ducks 048 ducks 051
ducks 035
male Ring-necked ducks

ducks 005
female Ring-necked

ducks 071
sleeping Canvasback male

ducks 100 ducks 106
Hooded Merganser male

ducks 110 ducks 093
Hooded Merganser female

pond 074
ducks 003
American coot

snowy dove by the pond
a puffy mourning dove (with blue eye shadow)

skip 083 skip 082
And finally – Skippy! (lightly sprinkled with snow)

These ducks (and the dog and dove) are a common sight at the big pond (Fresh Pond, Cambridge MA) in early winter. The ducks stay til the pond freezes over. I think its one of the biggest ponds in the area. All the small ponds are frozen over now.

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