a baby Meyer’s lemon

baby Meyer lemon sliced baby lemon 2
meyer lemon flower baby lemon martini

My Meyers lemon tree has been dropping unripe lemons now and then since I brought it inside. It drops the smallest ones and the big ones keep growing. About 10 big lemons are still on the tree, all green still. The baby lemon that fell yesterday was big enough to slice. It looks like a lime, but a Meyer’s lemon smell. Not much juice, but excellent in a martini!

Here is a beautiful Meyers lemon tree at A Growing Tradition. Covered with big lemons!

Skippy posed in front of my tree and looked very handsome for Christmas! Cheers!

Christmas  033

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  • Skippy looks adorable next to the Meyer lemon tree and poinsettia. It would be a great Christmas card. I love your tree, how large it is. Mine is still very small. 🙁 Do you fertilize it? If so, with what?

  • Your meyer lemon looks significantly better than mine. I killed the first tree I had, and my goats decided the next one was awfully yummy, so I am left with stubs. One lemon is left, ripening, and it is starting to bloom again.

  • I fertilize it with regular garden fertilizer (Garden Tone 5-10-5) when the leaves start to look a bit yellowish. (I hear I should switch to Holly Tone for the acidity.) It goes outside in the summer May-October. It may be 10 years old now. I keep repotting it into bigger pots. Don't think I will be able to handle a bigger one though. Citrus trees like a certain type of soil – very well drained. I used an African Violet soil mix when repotting this year, which is similar. They need a lot of sun to ripen fruits, which mine just doesn't get here in December. 🙁 That's why its dropping fruits I think.

    Here's a nice site good information on growing dwarf citrus: The Garden Helper.

    Those goats have good taste! The leaves certainly smell good.


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