Thanksgiving menu

The big feast is just around the corner now! I am starting to figure out what I have to serve to the 6 guests (and one dog) who will join us for dinner. I will get a turkey tomorrow morning (should I hunt a wild turkey in the fields or go to Star Market?). I will also be making breads all day tomorrow.

I heard a great stuffing recipe on the TV the other day that I will try. Chez Henri’s Turkey Stuffing. It sounds fantastic with fennel, celery, onion, chorizo sausage and fruits.

Turkey – Orange and bourbon-brined BBQ turkey from “Grill It!” by Schlesinger, Willoughby
Stuffing – Chez Henri recipe
Mashed potatoes (home grown)
Home baked breads (corn bread, basic white and pumpernickel from Beard on Bread)
Sweet potatoes (my potatoes, Mom’s recipe)
Creamed onions (Mom’s recipe)
Cranberry sauce
BBQ baby back ribs (thought we’d add something non-traditional)
Broccoli (maybe I will have some in my cold frame – maybe not)
Green salad

I will go out and check the salad greens in my cold frame tomorrow. Maybe there will be enough. Maybe there will be broccoli too. I haven’t checked in a couple weeks. I’ll check before I go to te grocery store, just in case.

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  • It's great when you can use items you had grown. Your menu sounds delicious especially the BBQ baby back ribs!

  • Hi i did the baby back ribs last Easter. The best meal ever.
    dry rub with season salt and pepper
    cover pan with tinfoil cook at 350f for 2 1/2 hours remove foil and aply BBQ Sauce put back in oven another 15min. Yummy Yummy Yummy

  • Marian(LondonUK)
    November 24, 2010 10:19 PM

    Happy Thanksgiving! Menu sounds good, can taste it. It's like Christmas you know what to expect with a little new surprise. Enjoy and good wishes to you and your family for a very merry and enjoyable Thanksgiving.
    Marian (LondonUK)

  • Happy Thanksgiving!
    – Daisy and Pixie in AZ


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