long shadows in my plot

Watching the Seasons

garden 5

Winter is approaching. The shadows are very long. My photos end up with areas of too dark shadows and areas of too bright light.

I’ve covered much of my garden with salt hay by now. There’s a bit of lettuce, spinach and other greens hidden under the hay. Also some perennial flowers and my newly planted garlic crop. In the bare areas, small shoots of cover crops are starting to sprout. Winter rye and clover. These will grow during any warm spells we get or may just hang out and wait until spring to grow.

When Skippy waits for me in the garden now, he curls up in a ball in a sheltered spot to keep warm. I enjoy how nice and warm it is too, down next to the soil in the sunlight – as long as I stay out of the coollldd wind (bbbrrrr).

garden 1
garden 4 garden 2

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