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I have lots of greens in my cold frame, but the questions: are they growing? I think they are, but slowly. I’m trying to compare this photo with the one I took 10 days ago (click the label “cold frame” below). I’m wondering if things will grow enough in the next 10 days to get a big salad bowl full of greens for Thanksgiving.

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  • It looks beautiful. I like the neat rows! What's the temperature inside the cold frame?

  • Right now the temperature inside is 50.7*F. I can just look over to my remote readout. The humidity is 94%.

    The outdoor temperature is reading 50.0*F on a different remote thermometer. So with out opening my shades, I can tell that the sun is not out today – there is a thick layer of clouds.

    I still haven't put a heater in the cold frame, which I am planning to do as soon as it is needed.

  • It looks like they have grown a bit. The plants slow down quite a bit at this time of the year. I'm sure that you will get some salad for Thanksgiving….it may not be a real big bowl though.

    What type of heater are you planning to put in the cold frame?
    Also, what brand of remote thermometer did you purchase? We are looking for one for our cold frame.

  • Here's a link to the remote thermometer I have: honeywell remote thermometer. It works great so far.

    We are still discussing the type of heater to add. I'd like forced hot water through a series of pipes in the soil …

  • I think they have grown a wee bit. You inspire me, will have to get a cold frame of my own next year! Love your blog.

  • We will be adding a permanent larger coldframe to the garden soon, and I would like to heat in for a month or two to extend harvests, but i have not done much research into it. Are you planning on doing some home plumbing work for the radiant heat system then? It would certainly make one heck of a coldframe operation!!

    I think my only heat option would be an electric source, which would not be nearly as efficient.

    I have read digging down 12-18 inches is great idea for warmer winters and cooler summers, but I don't have that option either. Your bed appears to be up against the house, so maybe it would be an option for you?

  • The radiant heat is still in my imagination at this point. No serious plans.


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