today’s harvest



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  • Great harvest! Are those potatoes in the blue bowl?

  • Looks wonderful! I was wondering if you've ended up with a lot of split tomoatoes this year? I'm wondering if it could be from the sudden weather change we had, going from cool to blistering hot? My tomatoes look terrible this year! But still very tasty in sauces and stews 🙂

  • Mmmmm! Looks like salsa would be right appropriate!

  • Everything seems to happen at the moment. Buckets full of vegetables and moore to come. Wonderful picture!


  • Yes, those are potatoes in the blue bowl. Russet mostly (a few Cobbler). By the time I am answering this comment, we have eaten them all. Baked with sour cream. Really delicious.

    I have not had many split tomatoes this year. But my tomatoes are growing in a very sheltered, shady, and evenly watered location this summer. I rotated them out of my community plot. Mine are few and far between, but they look very pretty. As you say, more tomatoes the better for sauce! And they don't need to look good to taste good.


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