carrot and onion harvest cuke harvest

Here’s what I harvested yesterday. Cukes, onions and carrots. I like having lots of BIG carrots.

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  • Hello! I'm from Brazil and read your nice blog everyday. =)
    I'd love have a garden like yours. I have to plant my vegetable at vaseplots! But my plants grows beautiful and healthy anyway.

    Onions? It sounds tasteful!

    Do you eat it onions leaves? I've eaten my onions leaves, and it gives a special flavour on plates.

    Great plants! Great vegetable garden!!

  • Hi Lidia,

    I do sometimes eat the green leaves from the onions. Tonight I made a salsa with tomatoes, onions, garlic, avocado,cilantro, and some greens onion leaves. Yummy!

    But most of the leaves will go to compost and the onions will dry for storage.

    I hope your plants do very well this summer1


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