today’s harvest



My first cayenne peppers are ripening. I am growing a variety Amelia gave me 4 or 5 years ago. I save seeds every year. They seem to get better every year.

I also have some shell beans Dan gave me. Vermont Cranberry beans. They are mixed with French flagolet shell beans.

And, of course, the main summer crop – my Sunburst yellow patty pans. Always delicious.

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  • I love your blog!

    I tried patty pan squash this year – both plants have produced almost all female flowers (I know, a bit weird) and I have had not fruit set at all. Go figure! Squash are usually pretty fool-proof with me!

  • That is a bit unusual that your Vermont Cranberry beans grew out white. Normally the body color is a raspberry color. I wonder if different soils turn them different colors. I'll have to ask around about them changing color. Either way they look nice, the chilies too.

  • What lovely patty pan squash! I've never grown them, they always look so exotic served up on a plate!

  • Dan, They are probably Tongue of Fire beans then. I may now be remembering right and by mid summer, I have stopped labeling what I plant. The Cranberry Beans may be the ones that are staring to bloom now. I'll post a photo of these when I get them and we can see if they look better.

  • The beans are beautiful, I bet they are delicious too! Mmm! Are the peppers pretty easy to grow? I have never had luck with other types.


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