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We had a very successful garden event today. We requested volunteers come to help dig a trench (about 125 feet long x 1 ft deep) to run an extra water line to the new plots. About 25 people came and it was short work to dig, lay line, and back fill. Thanks to all who came!

I checked on my beans at my plot today. I had a terrible problem with Mexican bean beetle. On Thursday, I sprayed with Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Spray. I am pleased with the results. Very few larvae/beetles left today. I was able to squish these (yuck… I HATE to do this…). I will try to keep up with squishing them so I don’t need to use spray again. Maybe I will bring an old glove to the garden and use this. I notice that many plots have skeleton bean leaves this year with bad bean beetle infestations.

I picked a handful of Chinese pole beans pods that I let ripen fully on the vines. I save these every year for replanting next year.

I continue to plant seeds for fall crops. I put in three rows of peas today. A bit late, but so hot I couldn’t see planting sooner. I planted Caselode and Oregon Giant. Also a couple rows of carrots and lettuce seeds. I’ve been planting carrots every week for the past month. They don’t do well with such dry weather, but I keep at it. I’ve covered the beds with row fabric and this seems to help keep in moisture and shade small seedlings.

I have some nice lettuce ans spinach seedlings under lights at home now. Its fun to watch them grow. They a coddled to be watered and under lights.

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  • Marian(LondonUK)
    August 23, 2010 1:31 PM

    Glad you had lots of help. We are rallying up some troops to help with our Festival on 5 September. The local community are invited to come in for 50pence and they can have a roam about, buy homemade jam and cakes and be inspired to garden too. On with the cause!
    Marian (LondonUK)

  • Many hand make light work as they say.
    IT's good to see that you are growing a variety of unusual things in your garden. I am interested in topsoil and what makes things grow. I have come to the conclusion that the UK has some of the worst topsoil in the world. thats probably why we import everything.


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