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Storing Vegetables

Last year at the end of gardening season, my husband and I visited one of our favorite restaurants; The East Coast Grill in Cambridge MA.

The always serve fantastic pickles made from all sorts of vegetables, carrots, beets, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, and cucumbers, as an appetizer. They were so tasty I ordered a copy of the book from Amazon when I got home.

I think its time to start making pickles!

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  • This looks great. I just purchased it on Amazon. I'm also planning to get a food dehydrator this year. Last year I had my first big garden, and I was so sad when the harvest season ended that this year I'm looking in to ways to extend the harvest into the fall and winter. I was inspired by your kombocha and have a few hills of it growing in my garden this year too for a good cellar crop.

    ~ Laura from Columbus, OH

  • How's the book? Look forward to reading your review of it.

  • Looking forward to hearing more about your pickling experience!

    Gosh… I need that book!

  • There is various types of pickled vegetables in Japan.

    Most popular one is cucumbers pickled with salted rice-bran paste and my wife is gonna try to pickle cucumbers and egg-plants at home

    Cooling pickled cucumbers in a fridge is my favorite.

  • I will review the book when I make a few recipes from it. I am planning to do this during August.

    I have big plans for August. So much of July I have been busy or traveling. August I will make pickles! Plant fall crops. I want to try growing microgreens. Also redo two of my flower beds.

    About those cucumber beetles, its seem like the main concern is that they spread diseases like cucumber wilt. I haven't had cucumber beetles in my garden but may parent had some. The best control for a home garden is to use row cover early enough to keep them out. I suppose you need to pollinate yourself then. I will start a new post on this and maybe others will have suggestions.

  • Your page is loading well now 🙂 The book looks good. I'd like to try a few different things this year. I usually make baby dill pickles & green relish. Won't mind some icicle pickles & dilly beans this year.


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