irrigation in the HOT weather

Watching the Seasons


How about this heat and dry weather!! What a difference from last year. My plants seem to be deep rooted enough to go for 3-4 days without water, even though we have temps well into the 90’s (F) all day. Then they need a long deep watering.

This is great for avoiding fungal problems (like last years late blight). I’m hoping for a nice tomato harvest starting soon.

I thought maybe my potatoes would be ready and pulled up a plant last Friday. Not! (I put away potato salad recipe.) There were lots of little marble sized tubers on the roots. No edible sized ones. Oh well. I’ll wait.

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  • Love the blog ! I would suggest tater tipping to check on progress and not lose the plant. Just use a spade to tip up the plant from one side and check for spuds then drop it back down again. You can even take a couple for dinner and leave the rest to get larger. Makes the wait a little easier…

  • Teresa/safira
    July 9, 2010 1:02 PM

    I hope you quickly steamed all those little marbles. They're insubstantial, but delicious. Got a lot of those floating around with the big guys at the end of last season.

  • Nice blog. Yous should try to have drip irrigation system to even nurture your crops more efficiently.


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