popcorn seedlings

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This is my popcorn. I have about twice as much this year as last year. So far, so good.

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  • Your popcorn plants look great!!!
    How deep is your corn bed?

  • Popcorn! Wow! Do you have to let it dry on the ear? I don't have good luck with corn, I think my soil needs to be tilled really deeply, they just end up stubby or not germinating at all.

  • This is our first year growing popcorn. What variety are you growing and what is your harvest like?

  • Please click below the post where it says "labels: popcorn" This will show you all about my harvest last year. It was great.

    This year I have planted Baby Golden popcorn from Sand Hill Preservation Center.

    I don't know what the questions about bed depth mean. I just turn my bed by hand with a regular shovel to about 6-8 inches. I add lots of manure, compost and cover crop to the bed for preparation.

  • Do you hill your corn stalks?

  • No. Should I?

  • I do need to thin my corn a bit as the plants should be 8-10, inches apart. I will do this soon.

  • I'm not sure if you need to hill them — bc I'm not sure if I need to hill my corn! I read it in a National Gardening Association email — that after the corn is 1' tall, you should hill it to give it more support. It seems like a lot of work, though, so I haven't done it.

  • I did not hill mine last year (the first year I have ever grown corn) and it did fine (except for the corn ear worms).

    I have also read that hilling is a way to plant corn where it is planted in groups of 3 or 5 rather than rows. Sounds like "hilling" squash, where sometimes people plant it on a hill of soil (which I do), but sometimes it means just a clump of 3-5 plants on flat ground.


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