glowing leaves

a113 plot

My plot in the late evening light. That’s my garlic in the foreground. Peas are over at the right.

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  • Wow, looks great! I live in Wyoming 7200 feet (talk about a challenge) and my garden is just beginning. Meanwhile, I envy watching your garden grow. THANKS!

  • Your garden is beautiful! How do your raised beds work? Are they buried in the ground a ways or are the frames flush with the ground? Also, how do you manage to work the earth in the beds? I've always been curious! I wanted to start a raised bed garden but had to settle with working the soil directly because I just couldn't figure out how to manage the raised beds.

  • The beds at my community plot are made with pine 2 x 4's. So they're 4 inches tall. But you can make them any height you want. My husband made me a nice tall one at home that's 12 inches tall (made with 2 x 12's). Just put the frame one the surface of the soil and fill the bed with compost and manure. Add 2-3 inches per year. To work the soil, just stand in the bed and turn the soil with a shovel the usual way. Or do lasagna gardening and don't turn the soil (lasagna gardening means just layers of compost and soil and newspaper – check the lasagna gardening link on my side bar).

    I like to collect pieces of wood to lay across the beds so I can stand on then to cross or plant and don't need to step on the bed after its turned.

    Make the width of the bed a distance you can step across. Mine are 3.5 or 4 feet usually. You may want to make the spacing between beds wide enough for your rake.

    For more information, here's a nice thread from my community garden's yahoo board: raised beds at BVG yahoo board

  • Hello Kathy, This is nice to see the photographs of your garden. Special thanks to Kay, because your questions are answered and it helped me a lot. Thanks Kathy again for giving more information on raised beds.

  • Your garden looks amazing!


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