crimson flowered fava beans

favas 028
favas 026 favas 025

Almost full size. I’ve picked a few already, but haven;t tried them yet.

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  • Wow, they are looking great!

  • Looks good Kathy! I'm still waiting on mine, really should have planted sooner. Seen a recipe for a broad beans & fennel salad, hope I get to try it this year…

  • Do you grow a fall crop as well? I also planted mine too late, or rather summer came early here! (midAtlantic) So, I got a handful of pods only. They were delicious though–I'll be trying in fall next time.

  • I tried a fall crop once, but was so far off on the date that the plants were only half grown by frost. I think its harder to plan fall crops. Good luck. I'll probably keep trying. Once you get a date that works, you are probably all set.

  • Those crimson broad beans taste just fine like many others. A bit small and not many in the pods which are small. But the wonderful flowers make up for that!


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