basil blight! what’s that?

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NPR ran this story yesterday: Basil Blight Threatens Pesto Lovers. I haven’t noticed any signs here yet, but now I will watch for it.

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  • Thank you for paying attention, I'm going to go check my basil right now!

  • uggh. maybe its a good thing that i am the only one growing basil for miles. hopefully it won't appear on my plants.
    i haven't been able to plant basil for years and i'd hate to lose this year's shot.

  • I planted lemon basil last year. Now it's bigger than my rhubarb plants and still growing.

  • I heard that piece and my blood ran cold! I wonder how well it would do indoors, under fluorescents?

  • Yet something else that threatens basil! I found your blog right after I blogged about my own basil problems today. Thanks for the heads up!

  • I already have it in Maryland. I found it a few weeks ago and googled the yellow leaves only to find the basil downy mildew info. I couldn't believe how perfectly my basil matched their pictures. ACK! I cut it all down as moist, humid weather hastens the spread. I will wait for the plants to regrow and then they should be fine.
    For home gardeners, just picking off the yellow leaves should be enough, it's the commercial growers that are going to get hit the hardest. Apparently you can use the yellowed leaves as well, no harm to people! We had 2 separate stands of basil, bought from different nurseries and at least 60' away from each other. Both affected.

  • Oh my gosh! Thank you for sharing that NPR article on the basil blight! Two of my plants are having problems… will check them in the morning.

  • Thanks, Skippy, for the basil alert post. You have a nice garden and do a fine blog. Really enjoy it.


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