what’s growing in my cold frame

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cold frame 2
basil, eggplant, peppers and tomatoes lettuce 2
sweet potatoes tomatoes

I can’t get over how fantastic this big cold frame is!! Its overflowing now with green. I didn’t plant seeds any earlier this year than previous years, but things never grew this fast before.

(If you click on the top photo and mouse over, there are notes to show whats growing where.)

This weekend, I’ll transplant half of the little tomatoes, eggplants and pepper seedlings into larger pots to give away. I’m planning to plant mine out into the garden early next week under hoops. The squashes, melons and cucumber seedlings are growing fast. My sweet potato slips that I transplanted into dirt against the expert advice seem OK. Its been easier for me to have them out in the frame and not inside in jars of water. It won’t be warm enough to plant these out until the end of May.

And then there’s that giant patch of kale! I have to start eating kale every night I think. Got any recipes?

lettuce 1

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