preparing bean and corn beds

Last weekend I prepared the soil of my bean bed and my popcorn bed.

Since beans don’t need added nutrients, I didn’t do anything to the soil of this bed, which is where my tomatoes grew last year. I hadn’t touched it since late last fall and it was thick with weeds. I loosened the soil a little with a fork and pulled all the weeds. Now its ready to go. I will plant bean seeds this week.

bean bed 1 bean bed 2

Since corn needs a lot of nutrients, I did as much as I could for this bed. Last fall I planted cover crops, a mix of winter rye, clover, vetch and field peas. Then on top of this, in the winter and early spring, I layered on a good cover of horse manure. I reseeded with clover again in early spring. The rye grew to about 2 feet tall and the clover was nice and thick. On Sunday, I cut down the rye and turned the soil. It looks really nice with lots of worms and other crawling bugs. Next time I am at the garden, I will plant my popcorn.

corn bed 2 corn bed 1
corn bed 3

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  • You are so organised, you really do get up and go!
    Marian (LondonUK)

  • Wow, and you work so hard. I'm waiting for the first pea martini photo. Cheers to you, Kathy!

  • I picked my first peas and had a fresh radish martini last evening. That photo may show up soon!

  • Have you ever tried a light fertilization on your beans. Most legume crops will respond to a light fertilization of manure due to the content of P and K.
    Just a question from an agronimist in IA that has seen first hand the difference in soybean yeilds when beans are grown on feilds with manure applied. I love you site and I am jelous of the peas. Mine are beginning to flower but no pods that I can find yet.

  • Sounds like I may need some P and K on the beans. I think I'll just keep an eye on them for now because there may be enough left from last year. I added a lot of manure last year for the tomatoes that grew here.

  • I didn't amend my bean bed either but it was because I ran out of compost. Good to know they don't need it anyway!


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