generic cytotec marigold

Apple Valley My marigolds have started to bloom. This is Lemon Boy.

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  • i used to think that they were smelly and kind of ugly.
    Now, I love their cheery simplicity and I know that their smell keeps pests away from my garden. And, they are so easy carefree to grow.
    Plus they have that inch worm song which I love.

  • BEAUTIFUL photo.

  • oh my, already??? I am yet to start them 🙂

  • Beautiful marigold!

    I am waiting for mine to look like yours. Just sowed some seeds two weeks ago and I have seen several seedlings pushing through the ground. Can't wait to see them bloom!!!

  • I tried to have marigolds but my dogs ate them. If you would like to see what is left you can go to my blog and it is labeled RIP Marigolds. My dogs love the garden unfortunately they love to eat the garden too!

  • what a gorgeous photograph. In fact your whole blog is fantastically illustrated with beautiful pictures.


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