garden work

Garden Work

So far, so good. Beautiful weather and my garden work list is half finished:

The potatoes are hilled.
The squashes, pumpkins, lettuce, and spinach are transplanted.
The gardens are weeded.
The cover is off the cold frame.

I even was able to find good homes for my extra seedlings. This took about 10 minutes at the community garden. I set about 50 tomato and pepper seedlings and them near the main path with a sign saying “Free, please take these.” They vaporized I think.

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  • Wow… how generous Kathy!!!

    That's awesome that you've gotten so far on your Garden TO DO list!

    Our big accomplishment was spreading out gravel in the SFG paths.

    So happy to hear that you're having nice weather!

  • I did the same thing and set a tray of seedlings out on my lawn with a sign saying FREE SEEDLINGS. Someone took the whole tray!


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