today’s garden work

Garden Work


Remove old dead pear tree and plant new pear (Kieffer) to espalier on fence
Move tomato supports to new location
Direct sow carrots: Mokum and St Valery
Direct sow radish: French Breakfast
Direct sow another package of Crimson Flowered Fava Beans (from Dan)
Transplant onion seedlings to plot
Transplant 6 broccoli seedlings and 6 collard seedlings

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  • Wow! You got a ton done! I really really need to get my carrots in.


  • Busy day!! I hope you had a martini or two when you were finished!

  • Marian(LondonUK)
    April 25, 2010 4:01 PM

    You are so organised, I am a little behind but getting there, hope to get some parsnips,carrots,peas, broad beans seeded or plants out this week. Bit of a rush and having to hold off on some stuff as I/we are coming over the pond to California next Saturday, can't wait!!

  • UK to CA is a LONG trip! Enjoy.

    I think I will take you up on that martini idea Robin…. Especially now that its Sunday and I have finished a second day of garden work, at my parents garden. I will even post a photo of it – I haven;t done that in a while.

  • How are the crimsons doing or is this your first sowing? I have started some in pots and they are taking a long time to germinate. I keep opening up the rootrainer and they are all sprouting just taking a while.

  • The crimsons are doing very well from my first sowing on March 17. Probably 100% germination and pretty 3-5 inch plants. I will post photo this week as they have very nice shape leaves.


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