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My winter sowing bottles suffered from the heavy rains. They ended up half full of water after the big storm and I forgot to check on them until a week later. I poked holes and drained them finally (I have to remember to do this before setting them out next year!). So far two bottles have lots of little sprouts. Since I have my new cold frame, I might as well open them up and put them in the frame.

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  • What's in the milk jugs? Do you start those in the house or outside in the sun?

  • Click on the link below the text "winter sowing". Previous posts will explain.

    In February, bottles are filled with soil, seeded, put outside, and then ignored. Its an easy method for perennials, other hardy plants, and seeds that need cold stratification.

  • Thanks for the directions. Looks like you've had some success with this. I may try it next year. Do I need to get a gnome for protction? 🙂 Thanks for sharing your garden.

  • This is a pretty good idea. Here in Colorado they would freeze in febuary and march since those are our coldest months, in fact I woke up today to 6 inches of snow, at least it was all melted by 2:00 in the afternoon. I just build a little green house box a few days ago out of a shoe box and some thick plastic to sprout some chili peppers. It seems to be working pretty well. Im going to try this milk jug thing out anyways though.


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