seeds planted today

Starting Seeds

peat pots

Today I planted:

Pumpkin, Jarrahdale (Botanical Interests)
Pumpkin, Long Island Cheese (Territorial)
Pumpkin, Baby Pam (Fedco)
Pumpkin, Big Rock (Johnny’s)
Pumpkin, Galeux D’Eysines (Territorial)
Winter Squash, Waltham Butternut (Sand Hill Preservation)
Winter Squash, Delicata (Botanical Interests)
Cucumber, Diva
Cucumber, North Carolina Pickling (Sand Hill Preservation)
Cucumber, Boston Pickling
Cucumber, Tokiwa (Sand Hill Preservation)
Cucumber, Sweet Success (Burpee)
Summer Squash, patty pan Benning’s Green Tint (Territorial)
Summer Squash, patty pan Starship (Johnny’s)
Summer Squash, patty pan Sunburst
Summer Squash, Zephyr (yellow straight neck) (Johnny’s)
Summer Squash, zucchini Cashflow (Johnny’s)
Watermelon, Crimson Sweet (25 lb) (Burpee)
Watermelon, Red Sugar Baby (Johnny’s)
Melon, Anne Arundel (Sand Hill Preservation)
Melon, Crane (Sand Hill Preservation)
Melon, Charentais (Johnny’s)
Lettuce, Valentine red mix (Botanical Interests)
Lettuce, Oak Leaf mix (Botanical Interests)
Zinnia, Benery’s Giant mix (Johnny’s)
Bachelor Buttons (Botanical Interests)

This is my last large indoor sowing.

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  • Thanks for the reminder….it's time for me to start my warm weather crops, too!

  • That's quite a selection! Must get to these too, I think I have them scheduled for the 26th.

  • Where do you get your seed labels? i've been looking for some like yours.

  • You have been very busy this week! I need to get my warm weather crops started this week also. Nice selection.

  • Do you have trouble with your zinnias getting leggy? Mine are in a south window but reaching for the sun! Maybe it's time to get grow lights…Betsy

  • The seed labels are at my local True Value hardware store. My local garden center (Bonny's in Cambridge) also has them. I think 6 cents each. I like the tiny ones for indoor seeding and bigger ones for outdoor labeling. You can mail order them too from places like Johnny's but you need to buy lots.

    Betsy, Everything gets leggy indoors without lights. Often with lights it gets leggy too. But they'll be happy soon when they go outside. Try putting them out to sun on these bright warm days. Someday try a $10 fluorescent shop light fixture with two fluorescent bulbs ($5-8 each) suspended 1 inch above the plants. Or a cold frame. I LOVE the way my big cold frame is working for my seedlings this year.

    I usually plant zinnias late, 2-3 weeks before the last frost, with the cukes and squashes, because they grow fast and need warmth and lot of light.

  • What do you use for seed starting mix? I'm not crazy about the stuff that I've been using.

  • I like MiracleGro seed started mix. It works well. I get a giant bag at Costoco when they get it in stock in the spring. Other gardeners like making their own mix, which is less costly and you know what's in it, but it takes more work.

  • Thanks!


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