planting Mom and Dad’s garden

Mom and Dad's Garden, Starting Seeds

planted garden

After double digging the new compost into Mom and Dads’ garden, we planted:

One row of marigolds, Lemon Boy, Petit mix and Fireball
3 Early seedlings tomatoes with Wall-O-Water on green mulch film
One row cabbages: Radicchio, Savoy, Wong Bok and Super Red
One row salad greens: Elegance mix, Black seeded Simpson and Red Romaine
One double row of onions: Ruby Ring, Frontier, Sweet Yellow Spanish and Ailsa Craig
Two long rows of potatoes: Butte, All Blue and Cobbler

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  • Hi there..I love coming on here every day to see what you have posted! I have a question about lettuces..Do you use row covers? This will be mt first year trying them and I am worried about them getting destroyed! Thanks!

  • It's so great that you plant your parents garden! I know….us gardening addicts just can't get enough! I am going to plant my in-laws vegetables in the next couple of days. They will be very surprised when they return from Italy.

  • I'm in the Piedmont of 7
    My black seeded simpson is almost
    ready to start cutting & Swiss Chard looks great.
    I'm looking for a different type
    bean to plant this year besides
    the usual blue lake – any ideas?
    Also looking for tips to keep
    squash bugs at bay!

  • What happens to the plastic when it decomposes?

    Does the chemical get absorbed by the plants?


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