what’s left in my larder?

Storing Vegetables

The other day I went down to check….

Let’s see. I have a small refrigerator in the basement that I filled last fall with fresh garden beets, celeriac, winter radish and cabbage. I’ve been grabbing a few from the top as I need them, but it was time for checking the bottom of the bags. The cabbage was in need of composting. But the rest has stored great. I took everything out of the baggies, washed, removed spots that didn’t so look good, and repacked in fresh baggies. I amazed at how well beets, celeriac and winter radish store.

Also, I have a basket full of potatoes and butternut squash. The potatoes are sprouting like crazy in the basket. The reds and fingerlings are way shriveled. But the Green Mountain and Russets are OK. Actually, grilled, they are much better than OK. They’re delicious. I love “good keeper” potatoes come March.

And I found about 6 heads of garden garlic I didn’t realize I had. Most were thrown right into the compost bucket, but a few cloves were still crisp and yummy.

And the last thing is the bag of baby carrots in the fridge. The only reason they’re still there is I didn’t want to put the time into scrubbing such tiny ones. Tonight I did that – on our first grill event of the year. Very yummy to eat the first and last carrots of the year.

And I still have one BEAUTIFUL ORANGE Jarrahdale pumpkin. Its like the saying about “have cake and eat it too” – I love having it on the counter, but would love to eat it before it too late. I think I’ll wait a bit more. Once I see a little sign of it starting to go bad, I’ll make pumpkin bread.

I think all-in-all, the garden has feed us well this winter.

Next year, lets see:

Less: non-keeper potatoes, little fat carrots
Same: Beets, celeriac, pumpkins, butternut squash
More: Keeper potatoes, big carrots, garlic
And much more: Popcorn

pink winter radish 111 round black spanish radish 110
march beets 106 garlic 090
march celereaic 095 march larder 093
march larder 123 baggies of larder vegetables 137

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  • If you like beet greens you can pot up a couple roots and let them grow by a window. I recall reading about this in a few heirloom books, should be nice tender greens when grown inside.

  • Interesting! Mine are all wishing they could have a window sill and pot of soil. I thew out a bunch of tiny ones with great leaves sprouting. I was thinking I'll never eat the tiny beets, but I would love to have fresh greens now. Thanks! I look forward to trying this some day.

  • I have some potatoes left from last years garden and they are shriveled and starting to sprout I am wondering if I can plant them in this years garden?

  • As long as you are sure you had no potato diseases last year. Especially no late blight.

  • Great blog, lovely photos.

  • Those look so great! Where do you store your vegetables? Pantry, Root Cellar? I see that you were keeping them in a plastic baggy? What keeper potatoes recommendations do you have? Is that a Black Spanish Round Radish and Celeriac?


  • My beets, radish, carrots and celeriac are in baggies in a small refrigerator in the basement. Potatoes and squash are in an open basket in the basement.

    Best keeper potatoes I have this year are Green Mountain and Russets.

    Yes, those are Black Spanish Round Radish and Celeriac! Awesome keepers.

  • Kathy,
    I am absolutely astounded by the beauty and organization of your gardens, and the thoroughness of this blog! I garden a large plot in West Haven Utah, and maybe someday I'll have a set up as beautiful as yours. Thank you for all your hard work on your garden and this blog, and I look forward stealing some of your ideas! Have a great season!

    Rob Kinch
    West Haven, Utah


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