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I posted a list of the garden “rules” in the little kiosk at the community garden today. But they are probably too wet too read. And who’s going to be out there in this weather!! (tomorrow we are expecting 4 inches of rain!)


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  • What are the rules of the garden? Am I being dense and they are posted on the Belmont City site? Did you purchase the sign, did the Boys Scouts make it, or did the city place it there? I am being just this nosy because I have recently become a Co-Coordinator for a Community Garden in Des Moines Iowa. We would REALLY LOVE to have something like that but can't afford $500+ for the some of the message boards I have seen online.


  • Donna,

    The little kiosk is something the town purchased and the Boy Scouts installed last year. I post general information inside it. I don't know the cost of it or where they got it. It is very small and needs a key to open it. We are very lucky that the boy scouts are going to make us a bigger one that everyone can use to post messages. Hopefully this will happen this spring. (They will make a picnic table too!)

    The rules are not posted elsewhere and are impossible to read from the photo. The sign reads:

    Gardeners Agreement – Rock Meadow Community Gardens 2010

    Garden plots must be planted by June 1st at the latest.

    Plots must be kept in healthy condition. That means keeping the plot reasonably free of weeds, cleared of trash and litter, watered, and harvested in a timely way.

    Gardens must use sustainable and safe gardening practices. No pest controls that are harmful to people, wildlife, beneficial insects, water, or the soil. By pest controls we mean substances to control weeds, insects, diseases, and predatory animals. For questions or concerns about pest controls as well as information about sustainable gardening practices, please contact the Garden Coordinator.

    Respect garden neighbors. Avoid planting crops that will shade neighbor’s gardens and crops that are potentially invasive (e.g., raspberries and mint).

    Help to control invasive plant species that threaten the gardens including bittersweet, black swallowwort vine, and buckthorn bushes. A list and descriptions will be posted this spring.

    Conserve water in the gardens.

    No bird boxes are allowed in the gardens and will be removed by the Garden Commissioner. These are a threat to local bluebird nesting.

    All gardeners must attend and participate in the annual Spring Cleanup Day April 10, 2010.


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