today’s sowing list

Starting Seeds

(6 weeks before the last frost)

Cherokee Purple (Sand Hill)
Mortgage Lifter (Ohio Heirloom)
Sungold (Johnny’s)
New Girl (Johnny’s)
Purple Calabash (Sand Hill)
Opalka (Reimer)
San Marzano Gigante 3 (Territorial)
Big Beef (Johnny’s)
Brandywine (Johnny’s)
Giant Belgium (Sand Hill)
Tomango (Sand Hill)
Oxheart Red (Sand Hill)
Pink Beauty (Johnny’s)
Orange Blossom (Johnny’s)
Box Car Willie (Reimer)

Cabbages and greens:
Elegance Greens Mix (Johnny’s)
Chinese Broccoli, Green Lance (Johnny’s)
Cabbage, Dan’s surprise seed, Baby Bok Choy
Cabbage, Wong Bok (Botanical Interests)
Cabbage, Super Red (Johnny’s)
Cabbage, Savoy Alcosa (Johnny’s)
Radicchio, Palla Rossa Ashalim (Botanical Interests)

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  • The chair is gorgeous! Do you save seed each year from your tomatoes or buy new? I have Rutgers, Cherokee Purple, Speckled Roman and Black Prince but I'd like to expand the varieties each year. I'll have leftover seed and I'm wondering if it will last for a few years or if I can save from these varieties and buy different ones next year? Any ideas?

  • I have two varieties of bok choy I want to try this year. Are you planting your chinese greens seeds indoors or in the garden this week?

  • Hiya, I'm wondering how many tomatoa plants you grow of each variety. I'm just growing four varieties, a normal size red one, and yellow variety, some cherry tomatoes and a pear shaped one which I think is used more for cooking than salads.

  • I think I'll have room for about 20-24 tomato plants this year. And another dozen or so will go to my parents. I enjoy giving away tomato seedlings so I'll start about 50 plants.

  • Jeff, I'm planting them indoors. They could probably go outdoors now, but I prefer to plant whatever I can indoors and transplant so I can space out the seedlings rather than thin them. And they'll spout and grow faster inside.

  • Your a tomato fan then! This is my first tomato year. Planted two weeks ago and no sign yet… Maybe too cold at night?

  • So Exciting! I'm jealous. I have to wait a few more weeks.

  • Hi Kathy –
    I found your site while searching for ceder raised beds. It's GREAT. I happen to live next door in Waltham. Following your planting schedule I planted (inside) my 9-12 varieties of tomatoes on Mon. Like you I enjoy giving them away to friends. Mine are all organic and mostly heirloom from I do all mine gardening in pots but I'm expanding into two 4'x8' raised beds this year.

  • Help! Somebody hide my seeds from me! The warm weather in these parts (MA) lately is making me plant outside uncontrollably. I can't seem to resist the urge to "just see" if they can make it. If it says, "plant as soon as the soil can be worked" it's gone in the ground. Peas, lettuce, spinach, Pak Choi, Chard…….. I'm eyeing the Kale. I have raised beds in full sun so there's that to help them and I was also thinking of using the top half of lots of plastic jugs like for the winter sowings to make greenhouses. But I know Mother Nature doesn't like to be fooled…..

  • Kathy, how do I know when to transplant my tomato (or any other plant) seedling? Is it based on it's size, or the weather?

    My tomatoes are about 4" tall, some are getting the second set of leaves. But I'm not sure if I should thin them before transplanting, there's a few that are really close together….?

  • I'm interested in your Radicchio, Palla Rossa. There is a dairy here in Bakersfield, CA called Palla Rosa. Mr. Palla named it after his wife.


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