planting peas and favas

plot work 031
plot work 019 plot work 022

I did get my peas planted on Wednesday – St Patrick’s Day. I planted three rows:

Sugar Sprint (Johnny’s) snap pea, 2 ft vines, 58 days
Caselode shelling pea (Johnny’s), shelling pea, 2 1/2 ft vines, 57 days
RSVPea (Burpee) shelling pea, 3 1/2 ft vines, 56 days

And I planted a block of crimson-flowered fava beans that Dan grew and hand-collected.

I had some “help” from the canine crew. Bannor, my brother’s dog who’s here for the week, was especially interested. I thought it was great that he wanted to check out the seeds – Skippy has never shown much interest. But he wasn’t only sniffing, he popped a fava seed in his mouth and enjoyed crunching on it for quite a while. Oops. I covered them up more quickly after that!

I also spread some cover crop seed on beds that I will use for corn and squashes this year. This is an experiment as I don’t know if it will grow much before I turn the soil.

plot work 033

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