onion sprouts

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onion sprouts 5
onion sprouts 1 onion sprouts 2

More and more little onions sprouts keep popping up.

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  • where are that onions from?

  • I have to post how surprised I was to see a photo on Nature's Crossroads, courtesy of you, of the Purple Calabash tomato.

    They are local, raise funds for my duaghter's school, and I can't wait to start plugs full of seeds I ordered from them.

    C'mon Spring, but Indiana looks much like your area right about now…Snow everywhere! 🙁

    I had just used your on-line planting calendar the other day as well. Small World! 🙂

    Have a good season, and I haven't turned on my T-5's and heat mat yet, but soon, very soon…

    Sincerely, Jason in IN

  • It was fun to look at their site and see my photo. Thanks. Happy growing!

  • Looks good…spring is definitely on its way. Glad to see your garden is getting started!


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