on ecological landscaping

I have been reading about different landscaping ideas, since I’m replanting my front yard. Here’s a thought-provoking article that Victoria sent me:

Native Plants: Restoring to an Idea
by Toby Hemenway (http://www.ecolandscaping.org/news/?p=100)

“…. If I grow some of my own food, that means that somewhere out in the country, a farmer won’t have to plow so close to the riverbank, or could let some of that back field go wild. That land has a far better chance of functioning as an ecosystem than my yard will….Much of our efforts in eliminating exotics [by using natural landscaping in our yards] is a complete waste of resources at best…. Let’s be honest at what we are restoring to…. If we want to get rid of an invasive exotic, let’s get rid of some monocultured corn, and let a bit of farmland return to being a real ecosystem…..”

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