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I just love hoop houses and low tunnels. Here’s a link. Maybe I’ll get to try one this year.

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  • It would be so cool to have a hoop house big enough to stand in. My season extenders worked pretty well this year. The only problem is we never had a good snow cover but have had many cold snaps. With barely any snow insulating them a few things have freeze dried.

    I forwarded the instructions to embed the spreadsheet into your blog. It's quite easy to do, I was happy to find out about it.

  • I'd love a hoophouse but can't manage one but thought this year I'd try to build a tenthouse over one of my 4 x 4' raised beds. Securing the posts and laying clear vinyl over it in a way that it can be raised to work under is my plan. Also leaving flaps near the top upside down 'v's so I can open them for air circulation. My garden blog will be full of new things this year at:

  • I know these hoop houses are very popular. I review one double-wide at The Conservatory. They are so popular that I need to add more hoop houses to my review list.
    My friend has one she grows fruit trees in. It's so tall that she can get away with it.
    Greenhouses were were built to house orange trees in the 1600's but I guess it would be a bit too expensive to build a Versailles in your backyard. Better stick to hoops 🙂

  • I love them as well. Last year we added hoops to our raised beds, I like them because I can use plastic on them for cool weather and netting over them to keep bugs/deer out. The best part was the price, only about 8 per raised bed!

    here's what ours look like:


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