Paperwhite bulbs

paperwhite bulbs

I just started these bulbs my brother gave me. It takes 4-8 weeks from starting til blooming.

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  • What bulbs are these? I have a few crocus and tulip bulbs which I forgot to plant in the fall, and they are sprouting too. Any idea if I can plant them in a pot for spring blooms? Thanks.

  • These are paperwhite narcissus bulbs. They are one of the best bulbs for forcing (growing in a pot inside without exposure to outdoor cold temperatures) as they do not need a cold treatmnet. Most flowering bulbs do need a cold treatment to bloom properly.

    Its pretty easy to cold treat your crocus and tulips. I have often potted then up then place in the coldest location you have (attic or basement). Water occasionally to keep moist. Or put the bulbs in the refrigerator and then pot ehm up after the cold treatment.

    Crocuses need 12 weeks of cold. Tuplid vary, and need 12-20 weeks.

    Here is a great article I found that explains in great detail the biology of flower formation inside the tulip bulb. Its fascinating. Without the cold treatment, the flower stem will be very short, sometimes the bloom will be inside the bulb.

    Here's a how-to article on forcing bulbs.

  • Hope you don't mind! I put your photo on my desktop so I can look at it and be reminded spring is just around the corner. Just found your blog and it is helping me get orgnaized for the planting season. You've reminded me to get my seeds ordered really soon! Thanks!

  • I love paperwhites and my husband HATES the smell…I miss my paperwhites.

  • Great Debbie. Glad you like it.

    My husband doesn't like the smell either. But for the first few days, as I remember, they don;t smell too strong. And at least they are not hyacinths! Those are powerful!

  • This winter was the first time I've ever 'forced' bulbs…I have a few hyacinths already out with some tulips and daffodils on their way. It's much warmer and mild in WA that New England. 🙂


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