lichen on gray birch

order Lyrica online lichen on gray birch

where to buy neurontin I will be experimenting with macro photos this month for a photo contest. I often look into contests, but have never yet entered one. Maybe this time. Its a bit of a challenge to find a good subject this time of year.

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  • I found the most amazing frost pattern on my car windscreen yesterday – but didn't have my camera! grrrr!

  • Marian(LondonUK)
    January 18, 2010 6:44 PM

    Go for it your photographs are great and admired by your regular readers, I am sure you will do well in the contest. Matron mention of frost reminded me that I had a frozen water stalagmite in my birdbath, how do you get a frozed upward drip?
    Marian (LondonUK)

  • The lichens are lovely – looks very suitable for framing, like those expensive black and white photos! You definitely should enter contests!
    – Daisy and Pixie in AZ, where it's raining

  • Very nice, almost like a broche.

  • This is gorgeous. I agree with Dan. It's jewelry for the tree.

  • Would you mind sharing the contest? I love macro photos and might be interested in entering. If you prefer to email I'm heathersgarden at live dot com.

  • I will add a new post in the next day or two with the contest info and a set of the photos I and choosing between. Its a Boston Globe monthly contest. You can probably google that and find it.

    The contest is to submit a photo that is interesting but hard to figure out what it is. It has to be taken this month. Final submission date is the last day of Jan 2010.


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