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moon calendar by my plant shelves

I have been looking forward to hanging this “Gardening by the Moon” calendar by my planting shelves this year. And tonight when the moon is so full seemed an appropriate time to dig it out of a drawer and hang it up.

It seems that above the ground plants should be planted on the waxing moon and roots on the waning. Or is it the other way around? This is new for me and will be fun to read about over the coming months.

The calendar has a number of planting tips and timing information. It looks great on the wall. It comes in three version for long, mid and short growing seasons.

(Caren Catterall at Divine Inspiration Publications sent me this calendar free to review.)

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  • This topic certainly caught my attention. I'm planning to plant a vegetable garden this year (although I'm a little slow in buying seeds.) I purchased an almanac and read about planting by the phases of the moon. I think starting on Jan 15 I could have planted peas but my hubby hasn't broken up the garden yet. Any information you can share on this technique is appreciated.

  • I have a great moon calendar that I have misplaced. I would like to hang it next to my planting shelves. As soon as I find it I will fill in this post.

  • I found the calendars at to be fascinating.

    However, I found it too complicated to do what were considered best practices, which research showed to be including the sign the moon was in. I found it was more than I could absorb and coordinate. Maybe over time I can integrate that into my other practices. — Debbie

  • I have always thought about planting by the moon but have yet to try it. I have a hard enough time keeping my own planting schedule… I should read more.

  • Love your planting shelves arrangement. I have to buy these gorw lights(I hope) this year. Also I want to know if you place these shelves in unheated(maybe basement) or heated room(like living room). Thanks.

  • My shelves are in a heated room. Temps are 65*F night, 71*F day. I think you may need heat mats below your seed trays if your temps are much below this.

    Especially peppers/chiles. They need warmer temps for germination – I think above 75*. I put my peppers under my fish tank at 80* for germination. I think peppers are the only seed that needs such warm temps.

  • Great info !! I glad to see this blog, such an informative article…

  • I want to plant my vegetable garden this year by the moon , what is the BEST dates to plant , all above ground plants , I live in northeast florida , today is mar.29, 2010 and the moon will be full toworrow

  • This is such a beautiful garden. We will show it to the class. Good job.

  • I personally do not believe in those sort of things. I would say plant them and they will know when to come out.


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