saving kitchen scraps for compost

kitchen scrap bucket kitchen scraps
squirrel on the compost bucket

In previous year’s I haven’t been very good about saving my kitchen scraps for compost. This year I’m collecting it all. My sister gave me a really nice container for my counter. It has a good lid with a carbon insert. And outside the door, I keep a big covered bucket for emptying this container. (The squirrel would rather it didn’t have a cover.) When the bucket is full, it goes out to the tumbler.

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  • What a great gadget! I use a large Pyrex bowl with a lid and empty into my compost weekly. It's kind of a pain. I like your system better:-)

  • I used a bowl before my sister gave me this. The bowl takes up a bit more counter space. I think I fill the big outdoor bucket in a week.

  • I use a plastic container and pop it in the fridge if I don't empty it right away. If the container is empty there's a shelf I leave it on so it doesn't take up fridge space. I try to take out the compost-to-be every couple days so it's working out so far.

  • I use an old coffee can my mother saved for me. Since my compost pile is right off the back of my deck, I can empty it often.

  • I use a large (empty & clean) yogurt container. Ideally I empty it every 2 days when I clean out the bunny litter (we use wood stove pellet for litter–absorbant and quicky to bread down), but sometimes it stretches out a day or two longer.

  • I've been terrible about composting this year (pregnancy shifts your priorities), but usually we keep it in a grocery bag in the freezer and then take it out every weekend.

  • I use my large stockpot and keep it out on the counter, but now that the porch will be cold for the next few months, I think I will stick it out there. I empty mine into the compost pile about once a week.


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