gray squirrel

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My backyard wildlife.

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  • Cute 🙂

  • fantastic picture! I've grown to love these little critters, now that I rehabilitate orphaned and often ill baby grays and fox squirrels… You would not believe how adorable and sweet they are. And so funny. I want to keep them all but my job is to get them well, be an inbetween mom to get them able to eventually be released.

    I have a blog where I post most every day about animals and there are many stories and little video clips of these little ones. Inviting you to stop by if you'd like. Would love if you leave a comment to let me know you were there. 🙂

  • Syndey, I looked on your profile and don't see any blogs about animal rehab. What is the link?

  • Marian(LondonUK)
    December 4, 2009 8:43 PM

    Ha ha! I can help but love them. They are so cheeky. Our regular workshop visitor is a female, if we don't pay attention to her looking through the window she climbs on to the door handle and stares at us! My sister and I collapse in giggles, we offer it the container of monkey nuts we keep for it and it goes in and helps its self. Great stuff.
    Marian (London UK)

  • Cute.. little squirrel.. aren't they dangerous?

  • no they aren't – just cute


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