favorite photos of the year 2009

tomato taste test 2 harvest 1
Jarrahdale pumpkin coreopsis
rose 4 Giant Belgium tomatoes
These are my favorites.

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  • perhaps next year you can make a 2011 photo calendar 🙂 Yours are just lovely!

  • Great selection of toms! 🙂


  • What variety of tomato is sitting next to the corn? I love the deep purple color! Awesome photos. I love reading your blog.

    Have you heard of the Dark Days Challenge? http://urbanhennery.com/09-10-dark-days-challenge/
    Seems like something you'd enjoy. I've joined for the first time and I'm learning so much!! Happy New Year.

  • Its Purple Calabash. I highly recommended it. Very prolific, lovely and delicious. It is excellent in sauce.

  • Brittney,

    Thanks for the link to the Dark Days Challenge. Its tough to eat local in the winter in the north. But, as I just now realized, our first meal of the New Year will be local! Wow. We are roasting a leg of lamb that I bought at the Farmer's Market in the summer. Its been at the bottom of the freezer. And we'll have roast root veggies from my "larder".

    But, we really do like a green salad, and this part of the meal won't be local. I am going to get my plant shelves up very soon and start growing greens and sprouts inside, but this hasn't happened yet.

    Good luck with the Challenge!

  • Is that fluffy pink flower a zinnia? I just bought some Zinnia seeds and I can't wait!!

  • Its a rose.

    The fantastic thing about that rose is that it was an old scraggly plant that preceded me in my community plot. I almost removed it as it didn't bloom the first year. The second year I noticed buds and held off with the shovel. I watched as the buds opened – amazed as it got more beautiful each day. Its a very old rose as its the type that busts into outrageous beauty all at once then looks scruffy and exhausted the rest of the year.

    You will love zinnias in the garden! They are beautiful all year. I grew big Benary Giant magenta ones last year. I think I'll grow a salmon zinnia from Burpee this year.


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