expanded community gardens!!

Big news at the community gardens! I got a call this morning from Bruce, the garden coordinator, and a big new section of land has been cleared and leveled for our use!! We’ll be able to add maybe a dozen more plots. Bruce says the new dirt looks incredibly rich and black. Ahhh. Just thinking about new dirt is so exciting. Skippy and I will go over and look soon. I’m looking forward to photos.

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  • We saw that from the road! Looks great. I guess we'll have to stop throwing our rocks over the fence that way now 😉

  • That is great! My town (Athol, western mass) is trying to put together a committee and trying to locate some unused land someone is willing to donate/sell for the purpose of a community garden. It would be fantastic if it goes through. Do you think you will grab another plot for next year's gardening?

  • How about Mr.Finch throwing rocks in the community garden. Was that a joke?

  • That Mr Finch can be a real problem….

    No actually, Mom, he's a really nice gardener with a very nice plot up in front. But what else can we do with all the rocks? I usually chuck about half of mine out into the weedy area (the same that's newly cleared), since its right next to my plot. Or I add them to piles that line my fences.

    My Finch is actually some distance from the old weedy area. He's got a good arm to toss so far. He can probably just change directions and throw south into the woods. Otherwise both Mr Finch and myself will have to collect all our rocks in our growing piles.

    Some gardeners here use rocks for bed edging or cobblestone paths. I think they help stop critters from burrowing under the fence by piling them along the fence.

  • Thanks for the explanation, Kathy. Rocks can be a real problem. We just throw them in the woods too so Skippy can chase them!! But it seems there's always more of them to throw. It's a good thing Skippy has lots of energy!


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