blue jays fluffed up in the cold

blue jay with berry
blue jay in the bush blue jay in the garden

It is COLD today. BBRrrrr. The birds are huddling in the bushes next to the house all puffed up and fluffy.

I just remembered to put the heater in the little fish pond out back. Just in time as the surface has almost frozen over. Last year I lost my koi because I waited too long. Its 18*F and windy this afternoon.

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  • Great photos! I took a similar one of a Jay with a peanut last winter. I looked for it on flickr but they are holding it hostage, would appear they want membership money….

  • Beautiful bird pics! I used to see Jays all the time down here, but not so much lately. Maybe it's because my life sped up and I missed them.

  • Yes, that busy life will do it. Its been happening to me too.

  • Great pictures of the blue jays. They always look so bright and pretty in the winter.
    It's pretty darn cold down here on the seacoast too. We woke up to about 8 degrees yesterday morning and that was before the wind!
    I wish I could be the nice techy person for you…but

  • Great Jay pictures, what beautiful shades of blue!

    Did you happen to see Marzipan Bo?

  • My neighbor has some sort of thing that moves in his koi pond to keep the water open. I don't think it has a heater in it, although I may be wrong. Is maybe your koi pond shallow?

  • The pond is deep – 5 feet, but small, about 8 feet diameter. We have a good pump in it to keep the water circulating. But we find that the surface will freeze over anyway at less than 20*F, especially if we get a deep snow and cold weather.

  • We head south for the winter. This was the first year we enjoyed a beautiful pond this summer, but we knew the fish would freeze if we left them. We casually mentioned to our soft-hearted daughter we might have to flush them if noone could care for them. She, of course, volunteered to watch them for us and they are all doing fine…the fish and my daughter…in their house. I hope they will thrive in the pond this spring…they may be spoiled by our grandsons.


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