the search for the prettiest leaf

leaves 10 leaves 13
leaves 5 leaves 15
leaves 2 leaves 3
leaves 9 leaves 11
leaves 6 leaves 19
leaves 18 leaves 16
leaves 14 leaves 21

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  • Beautiful leaves, Kathy. I have noticed this year the oak leaves seem more red than usual and the maple leaves are more yellow. It makes for a bit of an unusual fall–but very beautiful.

  • I like "leaves 19" the best. Vey nice!

  • Kathy – the leaves are so very beautiful, just gorgeous! I shared with my husband, a transplanted New Englander, who also enjoyed your pictures. We thank you for the show!
    – Daisy

  • I am so glad you enjoyed them. The leaves are spectacular this year – as always. Today (Nov 1) was warm (short-sleeve weather) and just wonderful to enjoy the color and air. I will post photos some day of tour walk. It seems the woods are imitating impressionist paintings. Dots of bright colors as half the leaves have fallen and half still on the trees. The sun sprinkles down into the woods more and everything shines.

  • Beautiful Kathy! I do miss New England…. except for that trefoil yellow leaf that makes me itch just seeing it. I love the depth your photos have.


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