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Last year I carefully covered all 5 of the apples on my little Fugi tree with stockings. They ripened perfectly and were delicious. But, not being convinced that this was necessary, I left them uncovered this year. Hmmm. All four apples this look terrible. I don’t know what caused this. But I think I’ll cover them next year.

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  • Hmm…just a guess, but it kind of looks like apple maggot fly damage. The disfiguring is caused when the flies puncture the apples to deposit eggs. Poor apples!

  • I guess that means I do not want to slice them and look inside… I was kind of hoping if I peeled off the ugly skin they would be nice inside.

  • After returning from a week-long vacation I visited my favorite BLOG. I was so pleased to see all the new additions since I'e been gone. I must compliment you on all the hard work that you are doing to keep us all informed on all these garden problems that you experience. Keep it up. we love reading about your problems and solutions.

  • Are there other apple growers in your area? Perhaps you could bring a sample to a more established orchard and ask for some advice.

  • If taking a sample for someone to look at, seal it in a plastic bag to prevent any critters getting into their orchard. But you probably already know this.

  • I'll just throw them in the compost bin.

  • Yes, it is definitely apple maggot. That's a great photo, byt the way.

    Be on the look out early enough (mid summer) to protect fruit next year. Although some years infestations are worse than others and some varieties more susceptible, you will have to control regularly in the future. Apple maggot is hard to control organically; nothing really effective. However, you can monitor with yellow sticky boards to at least alert you to when the fly starts appearing and looking for fruit to lay eggs in.


    Backyard Orchardsit

  • I didn't get around to composting them and they're gone now. I bet the squirrels found them.


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