goggle satellite map of Belmont Victory Gardens

Microsoft PowerPoint - Google map of BVG

This is an aerial snap shot of our community gardens that I came across today. Looks like late in the day on about April 18, 2007. The resolution is amazing! I can see that I had cleared and turned my plot, but there’s no fence up yet. Seems to me Google had a lower resolution version last time I looked.

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  • I love the orderly grid with no straight lines!

    If I didn't know better I would have said it was in Europe. It's positively charming – though I imagine a bit of a bother – do people complain about irregularly sized plots?

  • No, they don;t really complain about that. If someone gets a small plot or one they don;t like for any reason, they can have first choice for picking a new one the following year.

  • oh, this needs to be a postcard! Or framed artwork; it is so lovely. I am into aerial kite photography just for the hope of shots like this.

  • It is amazing indeed, like a tapestry.

  • You can get a really good view from Microsoft's Bing.com website. I put in 304 Mill St and just moved over a little. With that site you can rotate the view as well. What cool tools we have these days!

  • Bing.com image is nice too. I had never heard of this. I think that image may be a month older than Google's. I can't see any of the work I did on my plot starting April 2007.


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