what’s growing at community gardens? lots of fall vegetables

cambridge community garden bok choy 3
Neville Place Community Gardens (Cambridge MA) and baby bok choy
brussels sprouts
Brussels sprouts
bok choy 2 bok choy
bok choy
beets leek
beets, leek
chard, white chard, red
white and red Swiss chard
lettuce and bok choy
rows of lettuce, baby bok choy and chard
shell beans turnip
shell beans, turnip
winterbor kale purple broccoli
winterbor kale, purple broccoli
tuscan kale
Tuscan kale

I went by a couple local community gardens yesterday to see what’s growing. Waltham Fields and Cambridge Neville Place community gardens. Both have wonderful things still. It gives me ideas on what I can plant for late fall next year. The Brussels sprouts are very pretty. And the Tuscan kale. The big purple head of broccoli is fantastic!

In my garden, I have escarole, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, and a row of mixed greens that includes kale and bok choy. I also have the celeriac and parsnips still in the ground. Also lots of parsley and some tiny collard greens. The weather has been perfect for these recently and they’re growing well.

WFC gardens
Waltham Fields Community Gardens

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