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Photos of my Gardens

bolero carrots

Today’s harvest is a big pile of carrots (Bolero and Oxheart), the last of my beets (White Detroit and Lutz) and a few more potatoes.

My garlic is all planted. Lots of it. Four orders of garlic is a LOT! I’m looking forward to a big harvest next summer. I mulched it with salt marsh hay that has saved well for a second winter now.

And I finished up composting and planting cover on one bed. The corn bed, where squash will go next year. Three more to go.

I pruned the dead growth from my espaliered pear. My Barlett is looking good. I’m hoping for fruit next year. I was about to remove my second tree, a Parker pear, but was pleased to find what looks like live wood upon close inspection. I’ll wait and see if it will leaf out this spring.

I’ve been finding all sorts of small garden tools that I lost throughout the season. The garden is regaining order after a prolific season with way too much planted in a little space.

garden plot

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  • Gorgeous…I just love your photos…

    It's so wonderful that you can maintain TWO gardens! Wow…I can barely keep up with one small one!

  • Me too, I finished my garlic today. I prepped the bed yesterday adding manure and extricating a hunk of a rock. The bed is roughly 2.5' x 30'. I ran the garlic along the sides and will plant onions in the center this spring. I'm growing New York White (s. neck) & German ex. hardy, Russian Red & something from the Hanover Coop that's from China and is pungent to say the least.

  • Your fall clean up pics are looking great. I am planting my garlic today (hopefully). Keep hitting road blocks. I went to the farmer's market yesterday to get more garlic for planting and the market has ended early so I had to go to the grocery store, I hope they will still grow fine…

  • My garlic varieties are similar: German Xtra, NY white, Susanville and Dugansky. Two soft neck, two hard.


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