the 2009 Topsfield Fair

A beautiful sunny day. I think this is where all of New England was on Sunday. Crowds. Fried food. Roller coasters. And giant pumpkins!

I grew up in Topsfield and always went to the Fair, but haven’t been in years. It was fun to reminisce. I used to enter lots of veggies in the 4H division – way back when. Here are lots of photos:

Topsfield Fair 1 Topsfield Fair 35 Topsfield Fair 25 Copy of IMG_2730
Topsfield Fair 36 Topsfield Fair 24 Topsfield Fair 33 Topsfield Fair 34

The Poultry Barn:
Topsfield Fair 3 Topsfield Fair 6
Topsfield Fair 7 Topsfield Fair 5
Topsfield Fair 4 Topsfield Fair 2

The Vegetable Barn:
Topsfield Fair 13
Topsfield Fair 14 Copy of IMG_2691
Copy of IMG_2693
Do these tomatoes have a bit of late blight???
Topsfield Fair 18

Topsfield Fair 10 Topsfield Fair 9
Topsfield Fair 11 Topsfield Fair 12
Topsfield Fair 15
Topsfield Fair 16 Topsfield Fair 17

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  • I thought for a second there was a late blight competition ! lol. It looks very much like LB.
    The carved pumpkins are amazing ! Fairs are just the best and this one looks fabulous.

  • Wow, I wish we had and old fashioned showing of vegetables at harvest like this here! Thanks for sharing.

  • That giant pumpkin is scary looking and that little girl seems to agree with me!

  • Are those pumpkins or some kind of squash in the photo with the white and yellow squash at

    They're a very lovely subtle color for pumpkins.

  • Karen Anne,

    I believe those are Long Island Cheese Pumpkins, named because they resemble a wheel of cheddar. They're supposed to make great pies. Some catalogs list them as a pumpkin and some as a squash. They are c. moschata.

    I was disappointed the tags didn't identify varieties at the Fair. These squashes were entered in the class "Squashes and Pumpkins", homegrown in Ipswich MA and the growers name is listed, but that's all the tag said.

    I'm thinking this may be a nice variety to try next year. Its almost the same color as Butternut Squash.

  • I love these photos! super fun!i wish i could jump into the photos and be there 🙂

  • Kathy – Ha! We were at the Topsfield Fair on Sunday too! Luckily we got there right when it opened. As we were leaving, traffic was backed up all the way the to highway and the police were asking cars to turn around. My favorite part of the fair is always the animals.

    On a side note, I noticed that sometimes when I click onto something in your blog, I get a pop up. Last time, I got one on how to make money blogging. I'm not sure if it's my computer but it only seems to happen when I'm on your blog.

    I will be posting some pics from the fair as well!

  • Yes, those are Long Island cheese pumpkins… I grew three of them this year and they are wonderful in pies. Love the squash pictures 🙂

  • This posting took me back some 40 years to when you and I ran around this place…you always knew your way around and I'd get lost. Great photos!

  • Great shots, looks like a fun time. It must have had a ribbon for the blightest tomato 🙂

  • I just love the county fairs at this time of year! So colourful! I particularly like that laughing carved pumpkin!


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